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7 Interesting Ways to Turn Your Designed Tote Bag into a Stylish Personal Belonging

Tote bags are getting tons of attention today as the drive towards fewer plastic waste becomes louder than ever. After all, a tote bag makes for an excellent grocery bag or shopping bag – something you can easily take out of your pocket at the store. Even better – tote bags can be designed in such a way that they can be traced directly to you – no confusion about whose bag you picked up!

Today, there are literally thousands of possible tote bag designs to fit your personality. Here are just some cooler ways to make your tote bag stylish.

Use it to Self-Promote

If you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or you just want more followers on Pinterest – your tote bag can be a cool way to flash your IGN to others. While using promotional totes is definitely a good marketing strategy, there’s nothing wrong with starting small, especially if you don’t have the budget for it yet. Instead of giving away promotional totes, just use your own totes as a moving billboard by imprinting your brand on the cover. It certainly saves you from carrying a plain tote around – and provides additional marketing platform.

Favorite Quote or Character

You can also try imprinting your favorite character or quote on the surface of the tote bag. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, a Star Wars fan, or just a Keanu Reeves fan – you can definitely find styles and patterns online that will fit your aesthetic. Make sure to choose a free-for-use pattern but if you’re only using it for personal needs – there shouldn’t be any problem. If you’re using quotes, don’t be afraid to experiment with the fonts, the colors, and the sizes!

Illustrate What’s Inside

Another stylish and useful way of designing your totes would be by illustrating what’s supposed to be put inside. For example, you have a tote specifically for vegetables so maybe put a cute cartoon carrot on the surface? If another tote is for meat, you can put in cartoon cows and for other grocery items – you can just put cartoon cans or whatever you find online that fits your aesthetic. Let’s be honest – most people need more than one tote bag when shopping – especially if you shop for multiple people. Having these differently designed tote bags can really help with organization.

Day of the Week Totes

Who says you only need to bring your tote bag for shopping? Design your own totebag can also be imprinted with days of the weeks to help you keep track of how to pack or what to bring each day. Some families even print these bags with the name of the user so there’s zero confusion about who gets which item. Try being creative with the imprint of the names, using colors and patterns that grab attention.

Tie Dye Tote Bags

Tie dye is incredibly big nowadays and they shouldn’t be limited to t-shirts. You can do them with practically anything made of cloth and tote bags are no exception. Just twist the tote bags around and start splashing your favorite colors onto the material. If you’d like to take it a step further, I recommend OneStop Plumbers from Corona, California. Let it dry and you have yourself a uniquely designed and brightly beautiful tote bag! You can also try doing the same thing for a mask so you have a matching set when going out.

Statement Totes Look Great

Have you ever seen one of those “I’m Not a Monday Person” coffee mugs? Perhaps you own at least one piece of statement mug that you appreciate for the wit. Well, tote bags can be designed to have the same witty look. The choice of statement is up to you and there are really cool ones out there. Try putting in “2020 is my year” and then cross out the 2020 to replace it with 2021.

Sew In Pockets

If you want to do the styling yourself, you can also try sewing in additional items onto the bag. A cool addition would be a pocket where small purchases or perhaps the change could go. It could also be a mask compartment – so you’ll always have a backup when going shopping.

Of course, those are just some of the stylish designs you can do to turn your tote into something terrific. Remember, every time you use the same tote for shopping – you’re saving planet earth!